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 Ross and Rachel


Friends Cafe: One of the best Friends sites on the net
Dan's Shrine to Friends: This won't be here forever. Home of 'The Last One' and Chandler & Monica'
Friends scripts: A whole load o' scripts
Friends fanfic scripts: Take a look at other people's show ideas
The Cast photo gallery: Loads of pics here
Dan Silverstein's fanfic series 'Chandler & Monica': Fanfic taken to a whole new level
The Foundation: Voted by BEDA as the North's Club of the Year
The Friends Shrine: The main page
Tripod's homepage: Hey, if Tripod weren't here you wouldn't be on this site
Check out my fanfic series Ross and Rachel: I think it's good
Friends Planet '98: An astronomical Friends site which concentrates on fanfic.
The Friends Website: The ultimate site for Friends fans

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