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The Foundation is a unique clubbing experience for all to enjoy. Situated in the town of Wakefield, near Leeds, in West Yorkshire, the club has enjoyed a host of talented DJs from across the nation. Many of whom are dying to come back! These top DJs include: K-Klass, Nigel Benn, John Kelly, Boy George, Graeme Park, Seb Fontaine and Jeremy Healy. Host to three MixMag Parties with Angel, John Kelly and Sancho Panza Sound System, it has been very successful since its opening in November '97.

The main room interior consists of a main dance area at the front complementing unique industrial decor. The bar area is open with tables dotted around and a set of booths on the side if you want to chill out. The second room, more commonly known as the Mook Bar, is a superb lounge area with a small bar, perfect for a relaxing drink, and is complemented by a superb subtle lighting system.

The club's main event is the Meaning of Life. Appearing in the ClubCountry section of many an edition of MixMag! Our MOL residents are Steve Mason and Neil Metzner and they are often followed by guest DJs such as the ones mentioned above. Friday's play host to Al Fresco's Disco Inferno, a fantastic 70s Stage Show. Thursday's are Bumpin' with a varied music policy and fantastic atmosphere always present.

If you haven't been yourself, check it out. Situated on Market Street, off Westgate near the City Center. The Foundation was voted the North's Nightclub of the Year by BEDA.


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