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So what is it?

The Foundation is situated in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England. It's just off the main night scene of Westgate on Market Street. It has a unique feel and an industrial decor giving it a simplistic new style for clubbers coming from all over. It is open three nights a week (Thurs, Fri, Sat) and each night is a different theme. Every Thursday is a cracking night, or as we like to call it 'Bumpin'. On Fridays it's 'Scrumptious' with all sorts of dance tunes from classics to modern. Check it out!! Saturday is when things start to hot up. This is our Saturday theme 'The Meaning Of Life'. Boasting DJs such as Tim Lennox, K-Klass, Rob Tissera, Griff and Tom Wainwright. Forthcoming include Nigel Benn. Later this year we are aiming for Allister Whitehead. It has received many positive comments in local newspapers and MixMag magazine. See flyers for pricing details.

VIP and Member possibilities

To qualify for a VIP...well its a little difficult to explain here but for more info about that mail to the address displayed at the bottom of the page. Prospective members need to ring in and give details so that we can send a card off and enter you on the database. Advantages of being a member include reduced entry prices and reduced drinks prices (on selected drinks). VIP advantages: access to our VIP lounge and free entry. So why not give us a call? For the number mail me.

Need more info?

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