Friends Trivia

Friends Trivia


1. Episode 15, What is the name of Phoebe's UN Diplomat?

2. Episode 16, What time did Rachel stop by at Ross'?

3. Episode 17, What is Rachel's rule about public restrooms?

4. Episode 18, How old is Alice (Frank Jr's fiancee)?

5. Episode 19, What does Ross' tiny t-shirt say?

6. Episode 20, Where did the fire in Phoebe's dollhouse originate from?

7. Episode 21, What is the name of the chick?

8. Episode 22, What did Ross spill on Tommy outside Central Perk?

9. Episode 23, How did the guru remove Ross' thing?
He used love
He caught it in his watch
He cut it off

10. Episode 24, When Pete was in the cast only one part of his body was showing, what was it?

11. Episode 25, Chandler said that something came up to the house after Ross and Bonnie's 'noisy' night. What were they?

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