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Becoming a member enables you access to my Friends spoilers and allows you deal directly with me to acquire screensavers, desktop and also ask deep in depth Friends questions. If you have a homepage then it will also be linked to my page if you become a member. What's that? You can get spoilers, screensavers on any Friends site? Yes you can, but not like this. After clicking on member services you will be brought to the spoiler form. Fill in the fields and you will be replied to ASAP. Members also get weekly spoiler letters . It isn't just click something to download. It gives you the opportunity to speak up and challenge my spoilers or suggest a possible ending for a show I have provided a spoiler for. There are the perks. So go on and join. Oops..I forgot to mention that it's totally FREE!!

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To Join eurocorp you must go to our membership page and give details. More info there.

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