Ross and Rachel's Rocky Relationship

What's the Story?

Ross and Rachel met in high school. Rachel was best friend of Monica Geller. Ross was Monica's brother. After high school they went their seperate ways. Rachel was engaged to a dentist names Barry and Ross married Carol who he met in college. 8 years later, Rachel dumped Barry at the altar and Ross found out that Carol was a lesbian. He later found out that she was pregnant with his child. Rachel moved in with Monica and for a whole year Ross tried to reveal his feelings for her but things always got in the way. When Ross was in China on an archaeology dig, Chandler let it slip that Ross was in love with Rachel. When Ross returned though, he had found a new girlfriend Julie. 4 and a half months later Ross found out about Chandler telling Rachel and the couple kiss for the first time. Ross, forced to choose between Rachel and Julie makes a list of pros and cons of the two. Rachel reads this and isn't very happy. When Rachel watches an old high school prom video that shows Ross standing in for her date her feelings for him come rushing back. They are together for a year until Ross sleeps with Chloe and they break up. They were momentarily reunited at their trip to Montauk but at this moment they are currently apart. Watch out for the end of Series wedding though between Emily and Ross.

Be sure to watch Friends for developments in this relationship.

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