Original Postdate: Thursday 24th September 1998 (Friends season 5 premiere date)
Written by: Harrison Crecraft

It's the long-awaited (3 months) sequel to TOW Double Trouble. What will happen to Rachel and Mark?! Read on and find out! You might need tissues by the end!

Sophie (VO): Previously on Friends, er, I mean Ross and Rachel.

[Montage of Scenes from TOW Double Trouble]

(Rachel exits Mark's office and runs into Ross)

Ross: Hey, what are you doing here?

Rachel: Checking if everything was OK, that a problem?

[Scene: Mark's office, later that night]

Mark: It's a shame that didn't work.

Rachel: Yeah, but I mean...

(He kisses her)

(She leans back and looks at him - deja vu TO At The Beach - they kiss more passionately)

(Sophie enters)

Sophie: Mark, here's (Sees them,they break). Uh, I'll just bin this invoice, huh?

[Scene: Bloomingdale's main office, it's 5am and all the lights are off. Suddenly, footsteps are heard up the stairs and the light is flicked on. We see Sophie emerging from the blackout. Then...]

Rachel: Sophie, you didn't see anything, come on!

Sophie: No, he needs to know.

Rachel: OK, I'll fire you if you tell him! Hah!

Sophie: Fire me, but it needs both of you to agree.

Rachel: Says who?

Sophie: Says my contract. I believe the exact words are "Should the employee be asked to leave her posistion it requires the consent of both co-owners otherwise..."

Rachel: Yeah, I get the point! But I never saw it.

Sophie: (Surprised) You didn't?!

Rachel: No, I mean (realises) Oh, smallprint?

Sophie: Yeah.

Rachel: Yeah, but come on! If you keep it to yourself, I'll give you a 10% pay increase.

Sophie: 20%.

Rachel: We can't afford that kind of money.

(Sophie picks up the phone)

Rachel: 15%?

(She starts to dial)

Rachel: OK, 20 it is. But no more!

Sophie: OK, but that's not the end of it.

Rachel: (Worried) What do you mean?

(Sophie walks over to her desk and opens a drawer. The drawer is tough to open and doesn't open fully)

Sophie: Kate and I would like new desks and new chairs.

Rachel: What!!

Sophie: See, you are totally at my mercy.

Rachel: OK, fine.

(Sophie laughs quietly to herself)

[Scene: Same but later that day. Ross and Kate are there as well as Rachel and Sophie, the delivery intercom buzzes - note for this scene, the desks and chairs did get delivered fast, so don't argue]

(Rachel gets up just beating Ross to answer it)

Rachel: Yes.

Man (Through Intercom): Delivery for Miss Rachel Grone.

Rachel: (Pretty angry) It's Green, you idiot, Green!

Man: What is?

Rachel: (Now very angry) Oh! I'll be down in a minute.

(She comes off the intercom and grabs an order list, while she does it:) Sophie: Is that the delivery for the new...

Rachel: Yes, yes it is!

(Rachel exits quickly)

Ross: What's wrong with her?

Sophie: Nothing.

Kate: Well, it is Monday.

Ross and Sophie: (ad-lib) Point, yeah.

[Scene: Delivery Entrance, Rachel is signing the delivery document]

(The Delivery Guy - same as on the phone - starts to hold out his hand but before it even comes near Rachel she says)

Rachel: (Still looking at paper) You actually expect a tip?

(He brings his hand back in again.)

Rachel: Here.

(She hands the paper back to him and goes back upstairs)

[Scene: Upstairs, new desks are being delivered, Ross and Kate look surprised]

Ross: What the hell's going on?

Kate: Encore!

Ross: What?

Kate: On four. One, two, three, four, LIFT!

Sophie: Rachel has decided to give us new desks. I mean, look at the state of these! (she demonstrates)

Ross: Wow, wow, wow! We can't afford all this stuff.

Sophie: Well, it's got nothing to do with me!

(Ross gives her a look)

Sophie: OK, it was all my idea, but I had good reasons!

Ross: Like what?

Sophie: Well (Realises what she's done), that's not really important right now. I tell you what, you can take 20% out of my paycheck for two months, that'll even it out.

Ross: OK, great, that's fine. I could use a new desk too.

Sophie: Well, umm, you don't get one.

[Time lapse, a couple of hours later]

(Sophie grabs Ross by the arm and pulls him into his office, she then shuts the door)

Sophie: I need to tell you something.

Ross: (Interested) Yeah.

Sophie: I was working late last night and I went downstairs and... I saw...

(Suddenly, Rachel opens the door)

Sophie: (To Ross) And that's why I like the wallpaper!

Ross: Oh, yeah.

Rachel: Honey, I need you to sign these (gestures to some papers).

Ross: Yeah, sure.

Rachel: Sophie, I need that invoice doing for 3:30!

Sophie: Yeah, I'll get on it.

(Rachel and Sophie both exit)

[Scene: Sales, Ross is walking down the stairs as Mark exits his office]

Ross: Oh, hey Mark.

Mark: (Turns) Yeah.

Ross: Do you have last month's figures handy? I need to check some stuff.

Mark: Sure, they're in my drawer.

(They both enter his office, Mark goes over to the desk with his back to Ross, he has a worried look on his face. It's obvious why)

Mark: Hey, you know, I'm really truly sorry about last night, I deserve all I get.

Ross: What are you talking about? Mark: Oh, nothing, I. Ask Rachel! Here's the figures.

(He quickly exits)

Ross: Hey, wait!

[Scene: Main office, five minutes later, Ross re-enters]

Ross: Do you know where Rach is?

Kate: Yeah, she went home about 10 minutes ago.

Ross: Thanks. Listen, could you manage on your own for like, an hour?

Kate: Well, I'll try.

(Ross runs out)

[Scene: R&R's apartment, Rachel is making coffee as Ross enters]

Rachel: Hi honey. Coffee?

Ross: Yeah, we could be here a while.

Rachel: What?

Ross: Well, earlier I talked to Sophie and...

Rachel: (Anxious) About what?!

Ross: Well, that's what I'm trying to find out. She said she saw something last night and...

Rachel: A UFO?!?!

Ross: No, she didn't say but when I went down to Mark's office he says he's sorry for what he did and he deserves all he gets...

Rachel: Maybe he broke a vase?

Ross: He then said to ask you about it.

Rachel: Oh, he did, well...

(The phone rings, Ross answers)

Ross: Hello...Yes...Hi Sophie...what?...they what?...

(Rachel grabs the receiver)

Rachel: Nooo!

(She eventually manages to get it back on the hook)

Ross: Oh my God! I don't believe it!!!


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[Scene: As before]

Ross: I still don't believe it!

Rachel: Well, it wasn't my fault!

Ross: What?

Rachel: OK, it was completely my fault, but I didn't initiate the kiss and I also didn't stop it!

Ross: (Confused) Gunther and Phoebe?

Rachel: Yeah.

Ross: Why did you do it?

Rachel: Well, it just, um, sorta happened, really.

Ross: Did you sleep with him?

[Writer's note: How else could I put this without completely copying TOW Chandler Crosses The Line? Suggestions?]

Rachel: No, no! No I didn't!!

Ross: I can't believe you did it! You always said I was crazy and jealous for no reason and now this happens.

Rachel: Yeah, I guess so.

Ross: (Still angry, now upset) You know I...

Rachel: Hey, I completely understand, honey and I'm so sorry!

Ross: Hey, I need some time outta here.

(Ross picks up his jacket and goes out of the door)

Rachel: Honey, WAIT!

[Scene: Central Perk, Ross is having a cup of coffee on the "Friends Couch". Rachel enters]

Rachel: (Out of breath) Oh, there you are! I need to...

(Ross gets up)

Rachel: Where ya going?

Ross: Home!

(Ross leaves)

(Rachel goes up to the counter, exhausted. She starts talking to Gunther)

Rachel: Oh, I give up right now! Coffee please Gunther.

(Gunther starts pouring the coffee)

Gunther: You're one person who can fill these silences.

Rachel: (Still exhausted) What?

Gunther: Decaf?

Rachel: No, regular.

Gunther: Problems with Ross?

Rachel: Oh, I don't wanna bore you Gunther.

Gunther: (In his head) And they said Friday the 13th brought you bad luck!)

Gunther: (To Rachel) Oh, thanks. (He finishes the coffee). Here.

Rachel: Thanks

Gunther: I hope you work it out.

Rachel: Thanks, Gunther.

[Scene: R&R's Apartment, later that night, Rachel exits the bedroom]

Rachel: God, I hope this isn't a disaster!

(The camera pans round to the table where a nice candlelit dinner is set out with all the usual 'nice dinner' stuff. At least she's trying! Did I forget to mention she's wearing her lucky dress?)

Rachel: All I've gotta do is wait for him and then surprise him. Rachel: (Checking her watch) He's a bit late.

[Time lapse, 1 hour later]

(Rachel is now sat at the table drinking a glass of wine)

[Further time lapse, 2 hours later]

(Rachel now has her head on the table, asleep. The candles have burnt out and the dinner is obviously a disaster.)

(She is awoken by a knock at the door)

(She goes to the door and looks through the peephole. She then opens the door) Rachel: Oh, Sophie, Hi.

Sophie: Hi, can I come in?

Rachel: Sure, yeah.

Sophie: Ross told me what happened so I thought I'd come over.

Rachel: Thanks.

Sophie: (Walking to the couch) Wow. I see you had something planned.

Rachel: Yeah, I did but he's not here.

Sophie: Well, I'm sorry, but he told me he was gonna stay in the Plaza tonight for a 'break'.

Rachel: (Diving for the phone) I've gotta speak to him!

(She dials the hotel)

Sophie: You know the number?

Rachel: Well, we've stayed there before.

Desk clerk: (On other end) Hello, the Plaza, Good Evening.

Rachel: Yes, hi. Could you please tell me which room Mr. Geller is staying.

Desk clerk: I'm sorry, ma'am, but he has told me specifically not to tell anyone where he is.

Rachel: Well, I need to know, I'm his fiancee.

Desk clerk: I'm sorry. Goodnight. (She hangs up)

Rachel: I'm gonna have to kick her ass!

Sophie: Well, maybe you should go talk to him.

Rachel: I think I should. No, wait! I've got a better idea.

Sophie: What?

Rachel: I'm gonna go down to the hotel, can you give me a lift?

Sophie: Sure.

[Scene: The Plaza, The girls get out while their car is valet parked]

(Rachel goes up to the front desk)

Desk clerk: Good evening, may I help you.

Rachel: Yes, I'd like to leave a message for Mr. Geller, I'm not sure what room he's in.

Desk clerk: OK, if you could just write the message on this piece of paper.

Rachel: Well, it's (quieter) kind of personal.

Desk clerk: OK, ma'am, when you've written it I'll seal it in this envelope and it will remain private.

Rachel: Thanks.

(Rachel takes the piece of paper to the table and starts writing)

Sophie: You're leaving him a message?

Rachel: Yeah, that's gotta be the best thing to do.

(A Valet enters the hotel)

Valet: Ma'am. There's a problem with your car, please step this way.

Sophie: Oh, hang on.

(She leaves)

Rachel: (Sighs and dictates the letter to herself). Ross, I'm sorry about the way I left things with you and I'm so sorry about what I did. If I could have anything in the world right now I wouldn't choose money, I would choose to go back and change what I did. I can't do that, though, and you're going to have to forgive me. I'm so sorry. Love you always. Rachel.

(She gives it back to the desk clerk)

Desk clerk: Thank You, I'll get it delivered immediately!

Rachel: Thanks.

(The desk clerk seals the envelope, Rachel then exits the hotel)

[Scene: R&R's apartment, Rachel and Sophie are there, Rachel is waiting anxiously by the phone, Suddenly, it rings]

Rachel: Hello!

Desk clerk: Miss Rachel Green?

Rachel: Yes.

Desk clerk: You appear to have left your credit card here.

Rachel: Oh, thank you for contacting me. Can I collect it now?

Desk clerk: Yes, that's not a problem.

Rachel: Thanks, bye.

(She hangs up)

Sophie: Was that Ross?

Rachel: No, but I need to go back to the hotel, I left my credit card.

[Scene: Back at the Plaza, Rachel goes up to the desk]

Rachel: Hi, I'm Rachel Green, I left a credit card here.

Desk clerk: Ah, yes, Miss Green. It's in the Lost Property office, just through those doors. (She points to a double door across the lobby)

Rachel: Thanks.

(She goes over to the doors and opens them. She sees Ross there. They both look at each other for what seems like ages and then...They kiss)

Sophie: Gunther will not be happy!


[Scene: Central Perk, Sophie walks in and goes to the counter]

Sophie: Hey Gunther.

Gunther: Hi.

Sophie: Did you hear about Ross and Rachel?

Gunther: They broke up?!?!

Sophie: Well, no. They're back together.

Gunther: God damn Friday the 13th!!!!!!!


Ross Geller David Schwimmer
Rachel Green Jennfier Aniston
Kate Wilcox Cameron Diaz
Sophie Laura Dean
Mark Robinson Steven Eckholdt
The Plaza Desk Clerk The Simpsons' Julie Kavner

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