The One That Reveals It All, Part I

Original air date: 6th December 1998
Written by Harrison Crecraft

[Scene: Central Perk, Ross and Rachel are on the main sofa, Gunther is behind the counter, depressed as usual. Then, Sophie enters]

Sophie: Hi.

Ross: Hi. I've never seen you in here before.

Sophie: I actually do come here quite often.

Rachel: Oh. Gunther, another coffee please.

Gunther: Yes, darling.

Sophie: You know, I've always wondered how you two got together in the first place. More about your friends, and that gay one. Chandler is it?

Ross: Yes, er well. When I said gay, I didn't mean homosexual.

Sophie: Oh.



[Scene: Central Perk, the whole gang is there except Joey. They're all sitting in their usual seats, Chandler is reading a newspaper]

Chandler: Hey, hey, Monica. Check this out!

Monica: What is it? Chandler: Do you remember when you got stung by...

Monica: (Eager to continue) Yes.

Rachel: Was that the whole situation with the leg and, and the...

Monica: (Same tone as before) Yes.

Chandler: Anyway, another girl got stung on the same beach and sued the lifeguard.

Rachel: Why the lifeguard?

Ross: Well maybe she wanted to...

(Everyone stares at him)

Ross: On second thoughts it's not that funny!

Chandler: Continuing once more. She sued the lifeguard for not watching the beach properly and amazingly she got $4,000.

Monica: (Jumping up) $4,000?!?! $4,000?!?! $4,000?!?!

Chandler: Yes, it's not a particularly hard number to say.

Monica: I don't believe it! I'm gonna have to follow mine up now!

Ross: Mon, that was like a year ago.

Monica: So! I might as well try. Look, if I get even $2,000 I'll be able to pay off the money I owe Phoebe .

Phoebe: You owe me money?

(Suddenly, Joey enters. He looks very excited)

Joey: Guys, guys, you will not believe it!

All: (Turning) What, what, what is it?

Joey: I've got a part in the new Star Wars movie!!!

Chandler: Wow! That is amazing.

Phoebe: Yeah. Oh, "May the Force be with you!"

Joey: (Confused) What?

Rachel: Oh, hey what's the part.

Joey: (Still excited) Well, that's the great part. I get to play this cool Jedi Knight. I appear in loads of scenes!!

Ross: Hey, just think. Soon you'll be playing alongside Samuel L. Jackson!

Joey: I know, isn't it cool!

All (except Monica): Oh, yeah, amazing!

Joey: (tapping Monica) Hey, hey Monica. Isn't it amazing?

Monica: What? Oh, sure Joey. Chandler, do you know any good lawyers?

Chandler: Yeah, but they're all ugly.

Monica: No, I meant lawyers to help me with this case.

Chandler: That doesn't make them any cuter!

Monica: Oh, forget it. I'll find one myself. (She picks up her coat) Congratulations Joey.

(She then leaves)

Chandler: Well, there are only 6 good-looking male lawyers in New York. She'll be out there for ages!!

[Scene: Monica & Rachel's, there's no-one there and it looks the same as it did in Friends . The camera starts looking at the two bedroom doors and then pans across to the kitchen and then finally, the front door. Then, everyone, except Joey and Monica, enters]

Rachel: (Entering first) I cannot believe we paid $8.95 and waited for a whole hour to see a two minute trailer for the new Star Wars movie.

Ross: Well, we do need to know a little bit about the movie. After all, Joey's in it.

Rachel: Couldn't he have just told us?

(Ross, Rachel and Phoebe go to the couch exhausted and collapse. Chandler goes to the fridge, he's not so tired)

Rachel: Chandler, what is wrong with you? You're so energetic!

Chandler: Well, I...I have a date tonight.

Ross: How come you didn't tell us?

Chandler: Well, it's kind of, unneccessary.

Phoebe: Come on! What's her name?

Chandler: (Reluctant, for reasons you'll see in a minute) It's, OK. It's Chloe.

Rachel: Chloe?

Chandler: Yeah, she works at the Xerox place. I'll see you around.

(He quickly gets up and leaves. Meanwhile, Ross and Rachel look at each other. Phoebe sees this but doesn't get it)

Phoebe: Wow, that girl is so...(gets it) Oh, sorry.

(Suddenly, Joey bursts in with a video tape)

Joey: Hey, guys! It's the trailer for my new movie!!

(Everyone collapses back on the couch)

[Scene: S&T Law Firm in Manhattan. Monica is sat outside, eagerly waiting for her appointent]

Monica: (Looks at her watch) Come on, you're a half hour late. I've been here since 3.

(Then, the door opens. A girl steps out followed by a man. The man stops and holds the door open. The man, who's the lawyer, is called Rob Stevens and is played by the famous man behind the Fast Show Paul Whitehouse)

Stevens: Miss Geller?

Monica: Yes?

Stevens: Sorry to have kept you waiting, she was an 'eager' client.

(They both enter his office)

[Scene: Chandler & Joey's, Chandler is sat on one of the black chairs as Joey is getting a beer]

Chandler: Hey, Joe.

Joey: What's up?

Chandler: It's just hit me.

Joey: I told you, I stopped throwing things at you last month after you nearly killed me!

Chandler: No, I mean, I've just realised. You're gonna have to go to Hollywood for this movie aren't you?

Joey: Great, isn't it?

Chandler: Yeah, but how long will you be away?

Joey: Hey, I never thought about that. I suppose it'll be about a year.

Chandler: (Jumping up) A year?!

Joey: Yeah.

Chandler: But, you'll be away for a whole year.

Joey: Yeah!!

Chandler: You'll never see us!

Joey: No!! Oh, wait. You could stay in LA while we're filming.

Chandler: I can't leave, my job's here.

Joey: You'll get all the VIP treatment.

Chandler: (Gets up quickly) When's the flight?

[Scene: Rob Stevens office, Monica is discussing her case with Stevens, he is taking down notes]

Stevens: I suppose we've got a case if another girl received $4,000. Where and when did this incident happen.

Monica: It was when we went to Montauk.

Stevens: We?

Monica: Yes, me and five of my friends.

Stevens: Were any of these present when you actually got stung?

Monica: Yes, two of them were. Can they help at all?

Stevens: Of course. They can say if there were any warning signs or lifeguards around. Oh, by the way, it is also necessary to say how you combatted the stinging. How did you do it?

Monica: Can I use the bathroom?

[Scene: A restaurant later that evening, Chandler is sat at a table staring into space, Monica then comes up to him, startling him]

Monica: Hey.

Chandler: Ah! Oh, it's you. What are you doing here?

Monica: I could ask you the same question.

Chandler: I'm supposed to be on a date with that Xerox girl.

Monica: Oh, her. She never turned up.

Chandler: Yeah, she turned up but she's been in the restroom for 45 minutes. Why are you here?

Monica: (Sitting down) Oh, I had a dinner date with my lawyer at 8 o'clock.

Chandler: (Checks his watch) I knew there was another motive for going to see a lawyer.

Monica: It was him who invited me.

Chandler: Listen, shall we go back to my place and have a drink?

Monica: Sure.

(They both get up and a waiter comes up to them)

Waiter: Sir, your bill.

Chandler: Oh. (Looks at it) $200?!?!


[Scene: Monica & Rachel's, Ross, Rachel and Phoebe are there sat on the couch and chair, Joey then bursts in]

Joey: Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

(Everyone turns and looks at him)

Phoebe: Well, how about the...

Joey: Well, the bad news is that I'll be away for a year doing this film.

Ross: No way. The good news better be good then.

Joey: (Now excited) It is! You guys get to come with me and stay in LA!

Rachel: Hey, what about our lives here?

Joey: You'll get all the VIP treatment at Hollywood.

Rachel: 10 bucks says that convinced Chandler.

Joey: It might have done. Look, I can't pass up this opportunity. You can either come with me or stay here.

Phoebe: I guess I could think about it.

Ross: I'm sorry Joey, I've got a kid here. I can't really go with you. I don't know if anyone else can go but I definitely can't.

Joey: Rach, what about you?

Rachel: I don't know, Joey. I'll have to think about it.

Joey: Well, I have to be in LA next Friday so that leaves you with...

(Does a sum in his head)

Joey: (Continuing) ...9, no 10 days. OK. Catch you later.

(He opens the door and goes out)

(Everyone now turns back round)

(Joey opens the door again)

Joey: Don't think I'm paying for your ticket though!

(He shuts the door and leaves again)

[Scene: The hall between the apartments, Chandler and Monica are coming up, we see a close up and then Monica thinks to herself something]

Monica: Oh no!

Chandler: What, what is it?

Monica: I've left my purse at the restaurant. We'll have to go back and get it.

Chandler: I'm sure it'll be fine until tomorrow.

Monica: What! It's probably gone already. Oh, what if it's gone already?!

(She rushes off, followed by Chandler)

[Scene: Joey's new agent's office, it's another woman but she's also called Estelle. Joey went to her because it was easy to remember her name, Estelle is on the phone and Joey is waiting in the chair]

Estelle: Yeah, sure. OK, bye now.

(She hangs up)

Estelle: Joey, what is it?

Joey: You know for this Star Wars gig?

Estelle: Yeah.

Joey: Would it be possible to arrange accommodation for my friends in LA. Perhaps at the same hotel I'm staying at?

Estelle: How many?

Joey: Maximum of four.

Estelle: (Stern) Joey, are you serious?! Five people at the Beverly Hills Hotel for that amount of time would cost over a million dollars!

Joey: I know, but I'll pay 'em off with the money I get from the film. What was the fee you sorted out?

Estelle: $3million. I had to push it to get that.

Joey: I thought I was quite a big character.

Estelle: You are, but hardly anyone's ever heard of Joey Dribbleanni...

Joey: Tribbiani.

Estelle: Whatever! The point is, if you had a bigger name you'd get paid more.

Joey: What about Joseph Tribbiani, that's a bigger, well longer, name.

Estelle: No, I meant if you were a bigger star.

Joey: (Disappointed) Oh.

Estelle: Look, it's a lot of money anyway and you'll have to get out there next week.

Joey: Next week?! You said not until next Friday.

Estelle: Well, they called and said they needed a cast list before Wednesday, sorry.

Joey: OK. Can you arrange for this thing for my friends?

Estelle: Alright, I suppose so. As long as you pay half the fee.

Joey: Sure, great.

Estelle: Good luck with this Joey. I'll see you at the airport at 7am on Monday.

Joey: 7am?!

Estelle: Yep, 7am. Do you want to get your friends in first class too?

Joey: Yeah, definitely.

(Estelle picks up the phone)

Estelle: I'll see what I can do. See you Monday, Joey.

Joey: You too.

(Joey leaves)

[Scene: The hall between the apartments, Chandler and Monica are walking down again]

Chandler: At least you haven't forgotten anything this time.

Monica: Wait!

Chandler: You're on your own this time.

Monica: Just kidding.

(They go into Chandler's apartment and we hear the door lock, then we see Joey walking down the hall. He goes into M&R's apartment)

[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Ross, Rachel and Phoebe are there as before. We see Joey close the door]

Joey: OK guys. I've got first class plane tickets and rooms at the Beverly Hills Hotel for the whole year if you wanna come. The offer's open.

Rachel: Thanks, Joey.

Phoebe: Yeah, thanks.

[Scene: Chandler and Joey's, Chandler gives Monica a drink and the both sit in the same chair, Chandler sits first then Monica]

Monica: I can't believe what happened tonight.

Chandler: Me too.

Monica: I'm still gonna pursue that case.

Chandler: Maybe I'll raid the copy place next time.

(They both look at each other and laugh, then they stop and they both move closer. They kiss and break.)

Monica: Sure, why not?

(Then, they kiss again for much longer)


[Scene: Central Perk, the same as the beginning of the episode]

Sophie: Wow! What a story. But you never told me how you two got together again, were you together at this point?

Ross: No, we weren't but there's more to the story.

Sophie: Tell me, tell me!


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