Commercial Advertising

Commercial advertising on the internet is very effective. Or at least, where I've been it's been very effective. So, lets look at it this way: Anyone in the world will be able to see the ad. Now that's effective!!

Commercial advertising on Ross and Rachel isn't free but here are the pros. Looking at my homepage, it's received 500 hits in a month, and I'm still advertising it. The Ross and Rachel pilot received 31 hits in its first half an hour! That was due to pre-promotion. Any advert on the R&R homepage is bound to be clicked regularly. As Ross and Rachel grows I am expecting quite a big audience, so it's definitely worth it!

Your ad would be placed on the next script in the 'commercial break' section where it will get most exposure.

With regards to prices it's a one time $20 (US Dollar) or approx. 15 (GB Pound) for life on the commercial break of your allotted script. You will be notified which one. It's not exactly a lot of money and if the page receives more hits on average per month, the price will remain the same. Mail me with your details and ad html so I can put it on R&R. Payment methods will be explained when I receive your application.

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