The One That Reveals It All, Part I on Sunday December 6th. And on January 8th cam Part II. However, there was a technical error on my computer that stopped the script from actually uploading when it said it did. For this, my sincerest apologies and I have acknowledged the mounds of feedback about the subject. Thank you all for notifying me of the error and I'll get the script online again ASAP. I wil try to get it up by next Monday (the 18th of January).

Secondly, I have had many situations with late scripts and so on. I feel so honored that many people continue to read the series and think so much of it even though these problems exist. I do this site in my spare time, which I sometimes don't have much of. In future, because of this, I can no longer provide you with an air date for a script. Although, I can promise you that there will be one every month at least. To be notified when a new script is online then please subscribe to the Mailing List.

Thanks for your massive support of the site.


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