The Facts of Fan-Fiction

A Tribute to the FanFic world

It was a horrible day for me here in the UK. I'd just realised that Ross and Rachel break up on Friends. I checked out a script archive I'd found on the net and read on to The One At The Beach where Ross and Rachel were brought back together. After I'd read it, I scoured the net to find out which door Ross went into (The UK was very far behind at that stage and Season 4 had just premiered in the US). After hours of looking I found a site that said that Ross and Rachel didn't get back together. There I was distraught again and trying to find out more about TOW The Jellyfish. The site I'd found was Dan's Shrine to Friends, a very thorough and comprehensive site. And, after having not found anything, I saw a banner labelled "Chandler & Monica" with some rather tempting accompanying text. I made a note to surf down to on November 1st. I wasn't really sure what I was in for, but it sure sounded good!

I discovered that C&M was a Fan-Fiction series based on the lives of Chandler and Monica after Friends had ended. The pilot was brilliant. Need I say more? I was immediately hooked and made a date for episode 2. The series just got better and better, and after Dan wrote Clinton & Monica, I think it was, I decided to start up a Ross and Rachel FanFic series, with every confidence that it would be a success.

And it was! Now, with 8,000 visitors in 8 months, I'm the second most visited FanFic site in existence! But, I willingly admit that C&M has a lot more fans that R&R but that doesn't deter me in the least. I have much respect for Dan and his FanFic writing is excellent. However, we must not forget all the other FanFic sites that have appeared. Rachel & Ross by Tiffany Clark has had a good response and so has Beyond Friends: Chandler & Rachel. All these FanFic writers, including myself, have an enormous task and if I do say so myself we do a pretty good job. Of all the many Feedback forms I've received only 1 has been of serious criticism. People do disagree with plots and episodes and they have every right to do so, but please remember that writing upto 50-60kb of solid text is not easy. Just ask the Friends writers!

I hope you all enjoy reading the FanFic that is on the Net!

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