Ross & Rachel Feedback Form

Ross & Rachel Feedback Form

There will be a new form online when the series resumes


Q 1 : What did you think of the most recent episode?

Q 2 : How would you rate R&R so far?
10 (Friends standard)
9 (Truly stunning)
8 (Great stuff)
7 (An enjoyable read)
6 (Interesting)
5 (Hmmm)
4 (Not what I'm looking for)
3 (Pretty bad)
2 (Terrible)
1 (Didn't even finish it)

Q 3 : Also, I am planning a classic quotes vault (just like C&M) so if there were any good lines then say so.

Q 4 : Would you like to read the rest of the series?
Yes, definitely
No way
Depends how it goes

Q 5 : Finally if you have any comments about other parts of the site or the site in general then please enter them here

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