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In case you can't wait till the next ep or your just one of those people who like to know the plot before reading the detailed script then this one's for you!

Upcoming Episodes

106 - The One With The Decision
Please note the episode title has changed from TOW Rachel Sorts It Out.

108 - The One That Reveals It All, Part II
Who will go to Los Angeles with Joey? Will Monica ever get her $4,000 or even better, will Chandler and Monica get together? Will Ross and Rachel play a part at all? Will people ever think Chandler is straight? (Just thought I'd slip that one in) I can tell you one thing; Ross and Rachel have the biggest part of all, but that's only because it's their series. Find out all the other answers on New Year's Day (honest!).

109 - The One Without A Title
See below

110 - The One With The Trip
See below

The season finale (TOW The Question) can't be what you think it is as they're engaged, but I think you can work out what it could be! Let's hope you still want to know the answer then!

The One With The Trip and The One With Chandler's Computer will see appearances from the rest of the Friends cast (I seem italic obsessed!). All of them will be going to Australia for the Christmas episode in a special feature-length script. I'm not going to tell you too much but there's been some freak weather in New York and Ross and Rachel are sick of it. So they invite everyone on a holiday. That's TOW The Trip, episode 110. Chandler and Monica are featured in an episode where Chandler meets the thief, who appeared in TOW The Cat on Friends, after Ross recognises something he was trying to sell. What is it I wonder? That's TOW Chandler's Computer, episode 114.

Before I begin this spoiler, I had this idea in my head about writing a script like this, the second I finished watching The One Where No-one's Ready, The real-time Friends episode. Well, Ross and Rachel have a crisis at work and have only 20 minutes to complete all their orders before the deadline. Will they make it? Find out in 'The One With The Stack Of Papers'.

Episode 109, The One Without A Title is going to be a complete mystery. This script is going to completely away from the events of the series. I might even have a guest writer to have everyone, including me, in the dark about it. That's coming at you sometime in late January.

I've received quite a few emails regarding a second series. Well, all I can say is: It depends how well Series 1 goes. So if you want a second series then your feedback is important.

That's it for spoilers now, but this page will be updated in the future. Remember if you have any questions or comments then don't hesitate to mail me. Enjoy the rest of the series!

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