Special Thanks

Thanks to all these people who have helped R&R

Dan Silverstein - His series, Chandler & Monica inspired me to create the site and he gave me a bit of advice at the start. And there may have been a small dispute, but that is now settled

Amy Riesenberg - The first mailing list subscriber who loves the series.

Robert Ashworth - He did a great job with episode four. It's not easy to come on as guest writer, especially so early in the series. And you will definitely see him later in the series.

University of North Carolina - Thanks to the UNC for providing all the website form data and transfer.

Tripod - Well, for the webspace mainly and many of the homepage biulding tools have been useful.

Stinrab - For giving me my first award. I'm pretty confident it will be the first of many. Don't forget to see his fanfic series, Chandler and Joey Private Eyes. Sounds good.

Friends Café - Emily has given me loads of hits due to advertising and has also helped me a bit.

Thanks also to everyone who's linked me and everyone who voted in the Top 25 Friends Sites.

And finally...

Big thanks to all the readers who've made the site what it is. Couldn't have got that hit counter moving without you!

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