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Writer's Thoughts

The writer of Ross and Rachel is Harrison Crecraft.

After reading 'Chandler & Monica' the idea came to me about doing a series about Ross and Rachel (Who knows, someone might even do one about Joey and Phoebe). Obviously, I can't judge the quality of the scripts because I write them and I would encourage you to read them in every way possible. That is why your feedback is so important. So I ask you to PLEASE fill out the feedback form after you read a script. It will also help me improve on the parts you didn't like.

I often wonder what influenced Marta Kauffman and David Crane to create Friends. It was a new beginning, a new era. Friends is excellent. Just look at the websites dedicated to the show. It's because it's real. It's what real people experience, it's like they've secretly filmed someone's life. That's Ross and Rachel's goal, to create something that everyone can believe and enjoy. I think R&R is unique in its own way. Read the scripts carefully and you can place yourself in their position.

What inspired me to create Ross and Rachel? It's something for people to enjoy. I'm not in here for the money (mental note: my advertising prices are really good!). I also enjoy writing the scripts, even though it is nice to have a break every so often! After Dan Silverstein read The One In The Aftermath, his biggest criticism was its similarity to Chandler and Monica. After examining the script from that point of view, I saw what he was saying. Ever since then I've tried to isolate Ross and Rachel from Chandler and Monica, and I think I've succeeded. The website design was similar but now he's changed C&M's design. But I feel that this doesn't matter! The scripts are the heart of the website. The soundtrack, spoilers, episode cuts, advertising, links, upcoming guest appearances and even these thoughts are merely optional extras. As long as the scripts and plots are different from Chandler and Monica's then I'm not bothered. I'm sure many of you would share my opinion.

After reading Ross and Rachel, I suggest you read Chandler and Monica (unless you have already). This site is the pioneer in the new fanfic generation. Believe me, if you like Ross and Rachel, you'll love Chandler and Monica!

So now we're heading into uncharted waters. Going for the big 10,000. After reaching 2100 in only two months, I think we'll do it pretty soon. Especially as I have a few ways of doing it. And the way the plot's heading, I'm sure all of you current readers will want to come back for the next episode. The pilot has been read over 300 times now. Good going. And, just like the Titanic, we'll be going full steam towards 10,000 hits, but we will be slowing down if we come across an ice field. But then again we may not!

Keep reading and enjoy the rest of the series.

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