The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy

Season Premiere:

After chatting with Janice on the net she and Chandler get back together. Joey is unhappy about it and explains to Chandler. Meanwhile Rachel gets Ross to reveal his fantasy. Princess Leia in te gold bikini. Later when Rachel tells Phoebe about it Ross is not happy. He and Chandler then try to share stuff where Chandler reveals he sometimes pictures his mom when he's in bed. Janice suggests to Joey that they have Joey and Janice's Day Of Fun but Joey still can't stand her. Monica is seriously hung up on Richard until her dad comes by and explains that he's just as bad. Monica can rest easily now. When Rachel comes into Ross' room one night dressed in the bikini all Ross can think about is his mom. Uh-oh!!

Guest starring:

Maggie Wheeler as Janice
Elliot Gould as Mr. Geller

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