The One Where No-one's Ready

Ross is giving a career giving speech at the museum and everyone is supposed to be there. That is if they'll just get ready. Chandler and Joey are fighting over who gets to sit in the comfy chair, Rachel can't decide what to wear (non intentional rhyme) and Monica isn't even home yet. Ross can see disater coming. Fortunately, Phoebe arrives totally swanked out. Monica arrives home and hears a phone message from Richard. She has to ring him to see if it's old or new. During Chandler and Joey's ongoing scuffle, Joey splats Phoebe's dress with hummus and its ruined. She improvises with a Christmas ribbon though. Ross is annoyed with Rachel for not getting ready fast enough and she then gets into a tracksuit and say she's not going. Ross' nice guy mentality wins here though, as he goes to drink a disgusting glass of meat fat to show Rachel how much he wants her there. She immediately gets dressed. Chandler steals Joey's underwear and then Joey gets revenge by wearing all of Chandler's clothes. 'Look at me I'm Chandler, could I BE wearing anymore clothes?' he remarks in Chandler's way. Monica re-record's Richard's outgoing message whilst trying to delete her previous one. It looks like the Friends will make it though. At the dinner Chandler and some guy from the London Institute are fighting over whose chair it is. I guess Chanlder can't win!!

No guest stars appear in this episode.

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