TOW The Jam

Monica's new idea to get over Richard is to make jam. Joey loves jam!! In fact, he loves it so much that he put a spoonful of really hot jam in his mouth. Chandler seeks advice from Ross and Rachel about Janice. He says she likes to cuddle at night but when he wants to go to sleep he needs space. Rachel says they're cuddly sleepers but Ross later says that he is but he isn't and he teaches him the hug and roll maneuver. Chandler spins Janice off the bed trying it though. Phoebe talks to the guy who has been stalking her and it turns out that he was meant to be stalking Phoebe's twin sister Ursula. His name is Malcolm and they end up kissing. They later break up, though, because Malcolm is still following Ursula. Monica says that she's gonna do babies now but she realises that she needs a dad to bring up the kids. Janice tells Rachel about Chandler doing Ross' hug and roll thing and Rachel is not happy. Ross also tells Chandler that Women Talk!! They do Chandler!!

Guest starring:

Maggie Wheeler as Janice
David Arquette as Malcolm (the stalker)

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