The One With The Football

It's thanksgiving and the gang decide to play a friendly game of football. Chandler is still hung up on Janice ,though, and Ross says that he and Monica aren't allowed to play because during the 6th annual Geller Bowl Monica broke Ross' nose. They decide to play nevertheless and Ross and Monica are captains. Monica picks Joey & Phoebe and Ross picks Chandler & Rachel. The game immediately sparks rivalry between the sides especially between Ross and Monica. A dutch girl called Margha stops by to watch and then Chandler and Joey find themselves trying to impress her. Chandler even rips Joey's best football shirt in the process. At 42-21 to Monica, she agrees to swap Joey for Rachel and even when they are on the same team they're still arguing. Ross just asks the girl who he likes best and she says Chandler. He is ecstatic and then Margha says he likes neither of them. At the end Monica throws a pass to Rachel who catches it (WOW!!) and the girls go wild. That is until Chandler says 'Rachel, the end zone starts at that pole.' They realise the ball is still in play and Ross and Monica dive on it. Chandler remarks, 'It doesn't matter who wins or loses. The important thing is, the Dutch girl picked me, Holland loves Chandler, Thank you Amsterdam, Goodnight!!!' Whilst the rest of the gang are inside, Ross and Monica stay fighting for the ball. Late at night!!!

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