Toot's Friends Site Of The Month Award

This is a new award that I've created. It's given to the best Friends site, in my opinion, in a month. It's my tribute to their work on Friends. Only I decide the award and I am in no way influenced by any others. The award is issued on the 1st of each month.

Finally, congratulations to all sites who win. Winners will be displayed on this page so you can visit them.


January 1998: The Friends Shrine
February 1998: Chandler & Monica
March 1998: The Friends Website
April 1998: Friends Café
May 1998: Chris Thompson's Friends Place
June 1998: Fred's Friends
July 1998: Angel's Friends Page
August 1998: Snaro's Shrine to Friends
September 1998: The Complete Friends Script Index
October 1998: The Friends Zone
November 1998: The Friends Place

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