The Awards


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Friends Site Design Of The Year

1. Friends Planet '98
2. The Friends Website
3. Michelle's Friends Page

Friends Site Innovation Award

1. Chris Thompson's Friends Place (Now 'The Almost Official Friends Site')
2. The Idiot's Guide To Friends
3. Angel's Friends Page

Online Fanclub Of The Year

1. Friends Like Us
2. The Friends Zone
3. Absolutely Aniston

Newsletter Of The Year

1. Friends Spoiler List
2. The Friends Website Newsletter
3. The Friends Newsletter

Most Hits Award

Won by Friends Café

Best 250,000 Hit Site

Won by Dan's Shrine To Friends
Runner up was Friends Café

Newsgroup Of The Year was ""

Fanfic Script Of The Year

1. The Last One by Dan Silverstein
2. Love & Marriage, Chandler & Monica
3. The One With Double Trouble, Ross and Rachel

Fanfic Series Of The Year

1. Chandler & Monica
1. Ross and Rachel
3. Friends Again

This was judged by a neutral party and he decided on a tie

Friends Site Of The Year 1998

1. Friends Café
2. Central Perk
3. Friends Planet '98

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