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Does Ross and Rachel have anything to do with Friends?

Of course! Most Friends episodes have something to do with R&R. Not every episode right up to 420 does, however. If you read The One With An Old Friend many references to Friends are made. The other four Friends characters will also be appearing in selected Ross and Rachel episodes.

How did Ross and Rachel get together?

I can't tell you the answer to that! It'd ruin the story. You'll have to wait until the two part 'Flashback' entitled The One That Reveals It All, coming this May.

Which episodes of Friends are relevant to Ross and Rachel?

Every Friends episode up to 401 (TOW The Jellyfish) is relevant to the R&R story. So Ross and Rachel do temporarily get back together and Phoebe does find her real mom. But plots past that are no relevant, eg. Chandler and Joey did not have their furniture stolen and the whole Chandler-Joey-Kathy fiasco did not take place. This is important to remember!

What happened before the Ross and Rachel pilot?

As I said before, I can't tell you that. You'll have to wait until The One That Reveals It All.

Where do Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe fit into R&R?

The remainder of the Friends cast don't have roles in Ross and Rachel, although appearances by them will be made. The One That Reveals It All will show all six of the Friends cast as major roles.

Will we ever see them?

They will appear occasionally so we don't completely forget about them but as outlined above, this is not their show and they don't have a role.

Who is the writer of Ross and Rachel?

That would be me. Harrison Crecraft. I'm not going to go into much detail but I've been a fan of Friends for ages. And just in case you're interested, my favourite episode is The One Where Ross and Rachel...You Know. I wonder why? Having said that, Chandler is my favourite character and God help Matthew Perry if he needs to be serious! If you want to know what I think, go to Writer's Thoughts.

Are there other 'web-coms' on the net?

Well, yes. I you've read Ross and Rachel then go and read Dan Silverstein's Chandler and Monica. The series that charts the lives of two more "Friends". And with over 30,000 hits it's the most widely visited fanfic site on the net. Ross and Rachel is the second most visited. There is also a series called Kit Marlowe, P.I. but I don't know the URL. C&M does, however.

Is Ross and Rachel worth reading?

Hello! Of course I'm going to say it's worth reading! If I write a script I'm not going to say it's terrible. Only you can answer that question. You can then pass that on to me using the feedback form. I'm sure you will like the scripts, I've had some excellent feedback. Also, I'm sure you'll come back if you like a script. 95% of readers who read the pilot came back to read the second episode. 90% of those came back to read the third episode and 100% of people who read episode 103 read episode 104. Those statistics speak for themselves!

How many recurring stars are there?

Sophie works for Ross and Rachel, therefore she will appear in every episode in the series. This classes her as a 'co-star'. Kate Wilcox appeared in episode 102 (The One Where Kate Comes Into It). She has been given a job and will be appearing in every episode this series. Mark (who recently appeared in The One With An Old Friend)has got a job in sales, and won't be appearing in every episode. He is therefore currently the only recurring star in Ross and Rachel.

Who is Sophie?

Sophie is assistant to Ross and Rachel at Bloomingdale's. She first appeared in The One With All The Jealousy, episode 312 of Friends. She has been in purchasing right until Ross and Rachel took over and she has now been promoted upstairs. She is classed as a 'co-star' and, as outlined above, she will appear in every episode of Ross and Rachel.

Who is Kate Wilcox?

Kate is Sophie's assistant. Her first appearance was in The One Where Kate Comes Into It, episode 102 of R&R. She was offered the job in the next episode but Rachel found out she'd faked her resume because she likes Ross and just wanted to work at the same place. Ross, however, took her on to test Rachel's trust. She is now classed as a 'co-star' and will be appearing in every episode of Ross and Rachel.

Will there be other recurring stars incorporated into R&R?

You don't think I'm going to stick with four characters do you? Mark (remember him) has recently been incorporated into Ross and Rachel and has become a recurring star as he will not be appearing in every episode. Watch out for others I will add to the series.

Can I write a script for R&R?

Of course. Feel free! Send it to me and I'll look at it. If I think it's good I'll use it. If it does not pass, I'll still add it on the Ross and Rachel page as Ross and Rachel fanfic. Before you write, however, ensure you check with me first because I need to send you the specifics.

Will my script be used?

If I think it's good enough I will put it into the story. But even if it doesn't pass, I'll still post it on the page as R&R fanfic. Please send scripts in HTML format.

Will Ross and Rachel ever split up?

They will not! They will not take any 'breaks' either. If they did split up, that would be the end of the story, so don't worry about anything like that happening. There will be times when they'll have trouble but they will never officialy be 'apart'.

Will you only write one season?

Well, that depends how it goes! If people like the scripts then yeah, I'll do a second season. That's why I need your feedback! If you want a second season then always fill out the feedback form after you read a script.

How did Ross and Rachel come to own Bloomingdale's?

That is explained in The One In The Aftermath.

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